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Thank you to everyone for coming to the #BOSSBOTTLED meet and greet at Westfield Londontoday! It’s been a pleasure meeting all of you.#MANOFTODAY  (x)
Sing it for the world

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"In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you." (Mortimer J. Adler)

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"If you stare at the center of the universe, there is a coldness there. A blankness. Ultimately, the universe doesn’t care about us. Time doesn’t care about us. 
That’s why we have to care about each other."

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when people start getting close to your friends


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How do I say goodbye?

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The Fifth Estate - Behind the Scenes [xx]

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#in the first gif she’s trying so hard to keep it together #because he just told her that he loves her #and shes not bleeding out on the ground this time #you can see that it knocks the wind out of her #but in the second gif when he tells her again that he loves her #you can see how much pain she is in #she’s trying to hold back the love she feels for him #anger temporarily disappearing  #you can see she desperately wants to say it back #but he just betrayed her and shes still so very deeply hurt

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When the day comes that you have a big detective show where the first half hour was this man at work, and he’s a maverick, and all the usual things… and then he went home and his boyfriend says, ‘Are you alright?’… then something will have genuinely changed. — Mark Gatiss


Dogs Playing Fruit Ninja

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